1. Executive Producer

  2. Show Runner

  3. Series Producer

  4. Supervising Producer

  5. Director

  6. Programming Development

  & Series Design

  1. Writer

  2. Editor,  Post  Supervisor

  3. Post Production Facility

To whom it may concern :

During my time as Chief Executive Officer of Speedvision Network I had the pleasure of working with Michael Callan.  For five years Michael was a supervising Producer of four different series and was responsible for over two hundred programs.  Michael organizational skills, technical expertise and creative direction were outstanding. 

His work has made a considerable contribution to Speedvision’s programming 

Roger L Werner

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To whom it may concern:

As Head of Programming and Production and Executive Producer at Outdoor Channel and Current CEO of Tenacity Pictures, LLC I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Callan; I consider Michael to be a person of high moral values and exemplary work ethics. While at Outdoor Channel, Michael rose from a consulting producer for Outdoor Channel to the Channel’s Senior Producer. Michael’s superior knowledge of all aspects of production made him invaluable to my team; from story inception to finalizing the finished edit Michael without fail delivered and delivered with quality.  I tasked Michael with the supervision of our Field Producers and outside contract producers and he increased the quality of all the shows he touched. His leadership would make him an asset to any production team. 


Lloyd Bryan Adams, J.D.

CEO / Executive Producer

Tenacity Pictures, LLC



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To whom it may concern:

As Series Producer of the Monster Nation series for Original Productions, I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Callan. As a producer and writer for the series, Michael’s multi-faceted experience in producing non-fiction programming stands out. His technical expertise in the field, organizational skills in post production and editorial abilities have been exceptional. His work has had an important and positive impact on our Monster Nation series.


Nicholas Stein

Series Producer

Monster Nation

Original Productions

818 548 2614 x 23